the Plucky Thief Girl


Painfully skinny, wiry, tangle-furred street kid. Green eyes, roguish smile, weary from a life of hardship but optimistic even in the face of harsh circumstances. Has a notch taken out of her right ear as punishment for thievery.


One of the hundreds of orphaned children living on the streets of Triskellian, Deirdre has no memory of her parents, only the urchin gang that she grew up with. Sleeping in doorways, sewers, and vermin-infested rookeries, Deirdre begged, stole, and on rare occasions did odd jobs just to gain enough scraps to keep her from starving or freezing to death. When times were desperate, she sold the only thing she could offer… Though as she grew up, she realized she had a talent for getting into places that others did not expect her to be, from which began her moderately successful career as a burglar. Yes, she was caught – regularly – and spent her share of time in the stocks and the pillory, but each time she survived to run the rooftops again. Eventually she outgrew the urchin gang and struck out on her own, among the world of adult criminals, but she maintains her friendship with her younger comrades and still looks after them, sharing her take with them and regaling them with (often embellished) stories of her daring heists and narrow escapes.


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