Tana Pleissis

the Scion of a Fallen Bloodline


Lanky painted dog with long lady-like hair kept pinned up. Blue eyes, and five guns.


Second daughter of the Pleissis family, Tana has three sisters and one seven year old brother. At one time, the Pleissis family was a minor noble house, but ran into hard times and lost their nobility. However, they have retained their wealth, and their noble attitude, and Tana was raised to take her not-quite-noble position in life seriously. As such, she has the bearing of a noble without the station in life, and skirts a fine line of pretense at nobility without actually stating she is and earning wrath from the noble houses for pretending to be one. This limited her options for the future, and so she ended up becoming a marksman as it is one of the few careers acceptable to her position in life.

Tana Pleissis

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